Gas Workers' Quarter

Simultaneously to the construction of the Óbuda Gas Works, building of the gas workers’ quarter started in 1913. The quarter was designed by Lóránd Almási Balogh in 1912. The one and two level buildings are arranged in a “U”shape, and face into a central square and a kindergarten. The buildings contained 4 three-bedroom, 78 two-bedroom, 10 one-bedroom homes, 4 attic flats and 32 roomettes in a workers’ hostel.

Following the “town in the city” principle, post office, police station, surgery, chemist, kindergarten, elementary school, grocery, bakery, butcher, barber and even cobbler were operating in the quarter. The quarter was inaugurated on 15 July 1914 and was expanded and upgraded in the 1920ies and 1930ies. In 1972 a 228-bed workers’ hostel was built on the South part of the quarter.


Copyright ©: Text and photos by Károly Teleki Industrial Heritage Hungary

Source: 1) Óbudai gázgyár lakótelepe. Bartha Dorottya et al. 2015.