Military Technology Park

The Military Technology Park of the Military History Institute and Museum is situated on the Pintér Works’ premises. József Pintér was a successful entrepreneur, a self-made man, also a passionate hunter and collector of weapons and military heritages. When the Military History Institute and Museum was seeking for premises to display its collection around turn of the millennium, Pintér offered a three hectares open-air exhibition area next to his factory and spaces for an indoor museum in his office building. The Military Technology Park opened on 18th May, 2000.

The Military Technology Park has four exhibitions.

Indoor Museums: The Handgun Museum can be found in the office building of the Pintér Works, and displays handguns, rifles, machine guns, sport pistols, hunting weapons as well as trophies. The Artillery Museum in the social block introduces the weapons, accessories and uniforms of the Hungarian artillerymen.

Model House: Displays hundreds of miniatures of different tanks, aircrafts, battleships; and some finely elaborated dioramas.

Statue Park: At the entrance and the corner of the military park you find an impressive communist style military statue. Smaller statues, sculptures and busts are displayed in the park and the entrance building.

Open Air Exhibition: On a three hectares area several hundreds military equipment including historic tanks, cannons, armoured vehicles, trucks, military passenger vehicles, missile systems, rocket launching pads, radars, helicopters, airplanes are displayed.

Gallery – Indoor Museums

Gallery – Model House

Gallery – Statue Park

Gallery – Open Air Exhibition

Copyright ©: Text and photos by Károly Teleki Industrial Heritage Hungary

Source: 1) Pintér Művek. Military Park., 2016.