Bunkers at Csepel Works

In World War II the Manfréd Weiss Company was one of the biggest suppliers of the Hungarian Army, producing ammunition, aircraft engines, tanks, land cruisers and other military equipment for the army. As a preparation for the bombing of Allied forces, six large capacity and nine smaller bunkers as well as two hospital bunkers were built in 1943-1944.

The bunkers were able to accommodate and provide shelter for up to 20.000 workers. Air raids in Budapest started on 3 April 1944 and the fiercest bombing was on 27 July 1944, when most buildings of the Manfréd Weiss Factory were destroyed. The air raid shelters saved most workers’ lives, the most losses were among labour service Jews, who were not allowed to use the bomb shelters.


Copyright ©: Text and photos by Károly Teleki Industrial Heritage Hungary

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