Tés Windmills

Tés is a small village in the Bakony Mountains, situated on the largest plateau of the East-Bakony at the height of 465 m. There is no stream near Tés able to operate a watermill, so local millers needed to rely on wind power. Thanks to the constant and reliable wind on the plateau, four windmills were operating in Tés: the Rotter, Vaszlav, Helt and Ozi mills.

The two latter still exist, both have six full sails (which can be extended by additional boards in case of slow wind). Six sail mills are unique in Hungary since most windmills have four sails.

The Helt windmill was built around 1840 by carpenter János Pircher and was named after the Helt family who operated the mill for several generations. It’s a round-shaped mill with tapered, rotatable shingle roof.  There are two pairs of millstones in the windmill and they can mill 400 kgs a day.

The nearby Ozi windmill was built in 1924 by János Ozi. The structure of the Ozi mill is similar to the Helt mill, but somewhat smaller, and there is only one pair of millstones inside, so the grinding capacity is half of the Helt mill.

Near to the mills, a traditional smithy can be visited, which displays the tools of smiths, blacksmiths and cartwrights.


Copyright ©: Text and photos by Károly Teleki Industrial Heritage Hungary

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