European Heritage Days in Hungary…

… will be held on 17-18 September, 2016 (posted 12 September, 2016)

European Heritage Days (Kulturális Örökség Napjai) will be on 17-18 September, 2016 (SAT-SUN). In Hungary some 300 heritage sites, buildings, museums can be visited, including dozens of industrial heritage facilities. Though most of the guided tours are available in Hungarian only, there are some tours in English as well. You can find English tours and programs here.

Kőbánya Reservoir pic

In Budapest, the industrial heritage tours will conducted in Hungarian language. We provide transport to heritage sites and translation. Places are open to visit: Foundry Museum, Underground Museum, Cogwheel Railways, BKV Ferenc Transformer, MAVIR Control Room, Kőbány Water Reservoir, Kőbánya Cellars, Lechner Competence Center (former Tobacco Factory), Martsa Stone Carver Workshop.

New Aviation Museum Opened…

… in Szolnok on 1st September 2016 (posted 2 September, 2016)

Good news for military aviation and aviation history fans, that the long awaited Reptár Aviation Museum of Szolnok was inaugurated yesterday, on 1st September 2016. The museum was built on a 6 hectares area (open air exhibition), including a 4,500 square metres covered exhibition area. The development of the museum was 100% financed from EU Funds (Regional Development Fund). The HUF 2.7 billion project included landscaping of the open-air exhibition area, building a new hangar and exhibition space, restoring the Indóház (old railway station of Szolnok) which serves now as a visitor center, restoring aircrafts and building a restoration workshop, purchasing of flight simulators and 4D cinema technology.

Reptár Museum pic

Nice to see, that the 170 years old industrial monument Indóház, and its adjacent buildings like the warehouse and the water house got new functions.
Besides displaying about 35 military aircraft, helicopters, and military technology equipment the Museum offers interactive programs like aircraft simulators, adventure courses, playgrounds for children or to see the work of the restoration workshop or enjoy a 4D movie.

Indóház pic

The museum is open Tue-Sun from 10am until 6pm. You find more pictures and information on the Aviation Museum’s website and on their Facebook page.

National Film History Theme Park and Digital Power Plant were inaugurated…

…in Ózd on 11th July, 2016 (posted 12 July, 2016)

On 11 July 2016, both the National Film History Theme Park and the Digital Power Plant were inaugurated. The National Film History Theme Park was set up in a 100+ years old listed industrial building, the Fúvógépház (blowing engine house). It has three functions on 2,800 square meters: interactive film history exhibition, greenbox studios and archive of the Hungarian National Digital Archives and Film Institute (MaNDA). The archive is able to store 200,000 celluloid film rolls. The project was a HUF 927 million investment.

Blowing Engine House pic

The Digital Power Plant is even a larger scale investment (HUF 1.6 billion). The Digital Power Plant is a multi-functional building with exhibition areas, education and office blocks, conference halls on 7,000 square meters. As its name suggests, the Digital Power Plant is located in the secession style powers station of the Ózd metal works.

Digital Power Plant Outside pic

The National Film History Theme Park and the Digital Power Plant can be visited in the opening hours of the Factory History Museum of Ózd.

Digital Power Plant Inside pic

You can find more pictures and information on the opening ceremony at Ó and excellent pictures of the projects at építészfó

Békéscsaba Railway Station Refurbished ...

... as well as its environment (posted 14 June, 2016)

As part of a 34.9 billion HUF project the Békéscsaba Railway Station was refurbished and officially handed over to public on 9 June, 2016. The large scale redevelopment of the railway station included track and platform construction works, modernising the signalling and telecommunication systems, constructing passenger subways and flyovers, refurbishment of the train station as well as the reconstruction of the area adjacent to the railway station: a P+R car park and connecting road network.

The main building of the railway station was designed by Béla Goszleth, architect of the MÁV (Hungarian Railways) in the 1930s, in Neo-Baroque style. Construction works started in May 1931, and the station was planned to be opened in 1932. After several delays the new train station building was handed over 30 months later, in October 1933. Because of the multiple delays, authorities decided not to make an official opening ceremony.

Békéscsaba Railway Station pic

In World War II the railway station suffered serious damages, and during the communist era it wasn’t restored according to the original plans. In the current project the station building has been restored it to its original splendour, also meeting the requirements of disabled accessibility.

You can find more pictures and information on the Békéscsaba Railway Station here…

New industrial museum and its open-air exhibition opened ...

... in Ózd on 10 June 2016 (posted 11 June 2016)

Friday, a new industrial heritage attraction of Ózd, the factory history museum and its open-air exhibition was inaugurated. Together with the later to be opened National Film History Theme Park and its nicely renovated blowing engine house it will help Ózd to become a tourist destination, at least for industrial heritage enthusiasts. The film history park will have the potential to attract even more visitors.

Factory Museum Opening pic

The museum will be open for public from 13 June, Mo-Fri 09:30-17:00.

You find more pictures and information on the opening ceremony at and on the museum’s website.

8th Conference of Ózd on Industrial Heritage Protection ...

...was held on 3 June, 2016 (posted:07/06/2016)

The 8th Conference on Industrial Heritage Protection was organised in Ózd on 3 June, 2016. Ózd an industrial city in Northern Hungary once was famous of its metal works which employed some 14,000 workers in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s the state-owned Metal Works of Ózd (OKÜ) lost its markets and terminated operations. Though some parts of the works were privatised, most buildings of the significant complex have not been utilised and are declining.

Coference pic

The conference started by wreath ceremony at the relief of Tivadar Rombauer, continued by lectures. After the lectures participants could visit the soon to be opened industrial museum and its open-air exhibition. The opening ceremony of the museum will be on 10 June, 2016 and the museum is open for public from 13 June. The program was closed by visiting the National Film History Theme Park and the Blowing Engine House.

You find more pictures and information on the conference at Ó conference and industrial museum.

The demolition of Railway Control Tower in Székesfehérvár has started..., before sunrise (posted:11/05/2016)

Today, at around 2am, in the dark, the demolition of the Railway Control Tower II in Székesfehérvár has started. No way to return and save the railway heritage.

Control Tower Demolition pic

How the demolition has started you can see at ...

Find background information on the Control Tower at Székesfehérvár II. számú állítóközpontja

In the Spotlight

Aeropark Museum

... in the Spotlight in 09/2016 (posted:20/09//2016)

The Aeropark is situated near to the 2B Terminal of Budapest Airport (also known as Ferihegy Airport or officially Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport). The Aeropark is an open-air aviation museum where you can study the preserved planes and ground handling equipment of the 60 years of Hungarian commercial aviation. Visitors can also experience a flight with a multifunctional flight simulator.

Aeropark Museum pic

See more photos here...